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Visual Strength Training

The Visual Strength Training Program is designed as an independent visual enhancement program. It is not designed as a treatment program for visual dysfunctions or an alternative to in-office visual rehabilitation. 

Bilateral Integration

The ability to use both sides of the body at the same time in activities requires processing and integration of both hemispheres of the brain.

Central-Peripheral Integration

The ability to focusing on something centrally while processing information in your periphery.

Visual Motor Integration

The ability to incorporate visual information that we perceive with our motor skills in order to correctly execute movement of our arms, legs, and body.

Visual Spatial

The ability to perceive the visual information in the environment, to integrate it with other senses and experiences, to derive meaning and understanding, and to perform manipulations and transformations on those perceptions.

Each 12-week program is designed specific to your age group.  

Program design;

Activities are designed for your age group.

Each level is designed as a 12-week program.

Each program is designed as an independent training program.

Consultation with a vision therapist is available.