Vision & Learning with Samantha


Samantha was in the second grade when she first came to Beyond 20/20.  She was struggling academically, especially with reading and writing. She was receiving additional help with reading in school as well as Sylvan Learning Center.  She had also been to two other vision therapy offices.


Samantha came to Beyond 20/20 for a Vision and Learning Evaluation.  She had the following diagnosis:

— Convergence Insufficiency

— Accommodative Insufficiency

— Oculomotor Dysfunction

— Visual Motor Deficiency

— Visualization Deficiency

— Visual Processing Speed Deficiency 

— Visual Memory Deficiency

— Laterality/Directionality Deficiency


Samantha was prescribed in-office optometric vision therapy.  Samantha came to her sessions ready to work.  She was compliant to her prescribed home exercises.


“We are so thankful we found Dr. Patel.  It was really hard to understand why our daughter was struggling with reading.  We had her in Sylvan which was helping but we still couldn’t figure out what was wrong.  Sylvan suggested we take her to a vision therapist. We went to three different vision therapists before finding Dr. Patel.  None of the other vision therapists made us feel comfortable or helped us understand.  Dr. Patel really made our daughter feel comfortable and she always had fun.  Her reading has drastically improved and with that her confidence.  The regular eye exam never found any problems, which shows that vision goes beyond a simple 20/20 eye test.” 

— Samantha’s mom


“When I was in second grade, I started working with Dr. Patel at Beyond 20/20.  I worked with her for about three years.  Dr. Patel worked with my school to get me extra support.  The exercises I did improved my vision drastically and helped me succeed in school.  Now I’m 14 and the exercises I did when I was 7 still stick to this day.”

7 Years Later

“I am fortunate to see Samantha and her family annually. And, I am pleased to say that her foundational visual skills and visual processing skills are better than when she graduated.”

— Dr. Kirti Patel