Strabismus with Sanvi


Sanvi complained of daily headaches and occasional double vision. Her parents noticed her eye turning outwards, especially when she was fatigued.  Her Pediatric Ophthalmologist recommended strabismus surgery; however, both she and her parents wanted to explore an alternate option first.  


Sanvi came to Beyond 20/20 for a Strabismus/Amblyopia Evaluation.  She had the following diagnosis:

— Amblyopia

— Exotropia

— Accommodative Insufficiency

— Oculomotor Dysfunction

— Visual Motor Deficiency


Sanvi was prescribed in-office optometric vision therapy.  Sanvi came to her sessions ready to work.  She was compliant to her prescribed home exercises.


“When my child started to go to middle school, she was dealing with a lot of homework.  She experienced headaches, stress and was not able to focus when she was dancing.  Her eye was drifting so often we were worried and consulted our pediatrician.  

Actually, she was scheduled for eye correction-cosmetic surgery, when I googled and was looking for an alternative.

We never heard of vision therapy.  So we did some research.  We decided to go ahead.  When we visited Beyond 20/20, Dr. Patel did some tests and explained the problem and how the training could help our daughter.

We have done 24 sessions and we could see her control her eyes.  Even the headaches have reduced.  Vision therapy helped my daughter focus on her dance, studies and she has become more confident.  She is happy with the staff and doctor. Thank you Beyond 20/20”  

— Sanvi’s Dad


“Beyond 20/20 is really a fun place to be.  The staff and Dr. Patel really helped with my vision problems.  Everyone was really welcoming, fun and kind.  You won’t regret your experience here.  Your vision will improve and it will be much better than before.  Whatever you started with will almost be gone by the end of the therapy.  All the exercises we did really helped me and I don’t think I could have made it this far without Beyond 20/20’s therapy.  If you have headaches like I did, by the time you’re done the only thing in your head will be memories.  You’ll be very thankful to Dr. Patel and the staff.  They helped me a great deal and I really appreciate that.  You’ll never feel bored or upset when you’re here.  The things I did were fun and really useful.  Very early into therapy I saw improvements in my eyes.  I’d like to say thank you to everyone here.  Beyond 20/20 was awesome and I’m very happy with the results.”

— Sanvi

2 Years Later

“2 years after graduating, Sanvi has maintained 20/20 vision and ocular alignment.  She no longer complains of headaches or her eye turning.  Her mother reports she returned to the pediatric ophthalmologist after Sanvi completed our program.  The surgeon no longer recommended eye surgery.”

— Dr. Kirti Patel