Concussion Treatment with Brendan


Brendan incurred three sports related concussions within six months of his sophomore year of high school.  He was being treated by a concussion specialist, undergoing eye therapy by a physical therapist, seeing a life coach; and, receiving accommodations as well as additional help from his teachers at school.  Brendan had been tested by a neuro-psychologist and failed every part of his neuro-psych evaluation.  He also had his annual eye exam during this time.

Yet, Brendan continued to have the following visual symptoms almost a year after his last concussion.

— Blurry vision 

— Headaches

— Eyes fatigue

— Motion sickness

— Difficulty concentrating

— Poor comprehension

— Difficulty remembering

He also continued to struggle academically.  He was failing math and physics.  He was not handing in his homework assignments.  He stopped participating in class, and was unable to participate in sports.  He continued to struggle at home becoming introverted and moody.



Brendan came to Beyond 20/20 almost a year after his first concussion for a Neuro-optometric Evaluation.  Despite having 20/20 vision, Brendan was diagnosed with the following visual issues:

— Convergence Excess

— Accommodative Insufficiency

— Oculomotor Dysfunction

— Visual Motor Deficiency

— Visualization Deficiency

— Visual Memory Deficiency


Brendan was prescribed in-office optometric vision therapy.  Brendan came to his sessions ready to work.  He was compliant to his prescribed home exercises, and completed the program in less time than initially prescribed.


“Having experienced 7 concussions between 2 of our children within 4 years we thought we were fully prepared for another concussion recovery.  Our son suffered 3 concussions in less than 6 months.  We followed all the doctor’s (Concussion Doctor) orders, went to PT (Physical Therapy), neck specialist, and even a life coach.”

When our son’s grades began drastically drooping instead of improving and he was withdrawing himself rather than participating in class and social activities, we became very concerned.

Our Sports Medicine Concussion Specialist suggested we go to Dr. Patel for an evaluation.  He was diagnosed with convergence excess and multiple deficiencies.  The great news was Dr. Patel had a plan that would help our son.  Concerning news was the cost and time/travel commitment to therapy.  Having 3 children in private school, money is tight but we agreed to go.  Best decision we made!

Our son was in danger of failing physics and math, he had his driving permit but was told to stop driving and was not able to take the SAT.  This was all very concerning because Junior year is so important.

We are proud to say, as a TEAM we committed to helping our son.  Each week we all made sacrifices but in the end it was ALL worth it!

Because of eye therapy ….

… he was able to get his license and now delivers pizza.

… he was able to read his homework, take tests, and PASS Junior year.

… he was able to take his SAT’s.

… he has been cleared by his concussion specialist and able to participate in (non-contact) sports.

… he is back to being the happy, confident, outgoing son we know and love.

“We can’t thank Dr. Patel and the rest of the staff enough for getting our son back on track during such an important time in his life.

We went into this unsure, but hopeful.  We are firm supporters of Dr. Patel and Beyond 20/20 Vision Training Center” 

Brendan’s Mom


Brendan was re-evaluated by his neuropsychologist at the conclusion of his optometric vision therapy, and he passed every part of the neuro-psych evaluation.

5 Years Later

“I am fortunate to see Brendan yearly for his annual eye exams.  Since he graduated, Brendan has not complained of a return of visual symptoms or difficulty in school.  He is playing a variety of sports in college and recreationally.  His visual findings, 5 years later, have remained stable and consistent.  He remains a happy, confident and outgoing young man.”

— Dr. Kirti Patel