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The Evaluation

The Beyond 20/20 Vision Evaluation

  • A complete vision exam.
  • A thorough ocular health exam
  • A detailed binocular health exam.

The First Step: A Visual Skills Evaluation

The evaluation is very thorough and takes about 1 hour. It is called a Visual Skills Evaluation because it is in-depth testing to determine how well the two eyes work together, as well as how they move when reading, riding a bike, etc.

The first step is to make sure the eyes are healthy and free of disease. Once that is done, it is important to determine if glasses are needed. Glasses only ensure that one can see the visual image clearly. They do not influence how we move our eyes or how visual information is actually processed and understood.

Visual Information Processing Evaluation

Many people don't realize that our eyes are part of the brain. As a result when visual information is taken in by our eyes, it is sent throughout the brain so we can interpret and understand what we are looking at.

Typically Dr. Patel will determine during the Visual Skills Evaluation if this additional testing is needed. The testing process to determine how well one can understand visual information, takes approximately 2 hours.


Once all of the testing has been completed, a separate appointment is scheduled with Dr. Patel where she will speak with the child's parents or the adult patient to get a better understanding of how the vision problem is impacting the individual's life. The doctor then combines this information with the results of the testing to design a unique treatment plan to ensure visual success.