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Our Beyond 20/20 Experience

I liked doing the game Rush Hour. I also liked the Marsden Ball exercise. I loved to play the memorization games. Dr. Patel is very nice. I will miss her and coming to VT!Child

We are so thankful we found Dr. Patel. It was really hard to understand why our daughter was struggling with reading. We had her in Sylvan, which was helping, but we still couldn't figure out what was wrong. Sylvan suggested we take her to a Vision Therapist. We went to 3 different Vision Therapists before finding Dr. Patel. None of the other Vision Therapists made us feel comfortable or helped us understand our daughter’s problem. Dr. Patel really made our daughter comfortable and she always had fun. Her reading has drastically improved, and with that her confidence. The regular eye exams never found any problems, which shows vision goes beyond a simple 20/20 test!Parent

Before starting vision therapy, I had a lazy eye, and my prescription constantly increased. My mother signed me up for vision therapy. Dr. Patel was very nice. She helped me with my lazy eye, and even when I constantly made mistakes, she was patient. She always was encouraging, and she made my eyes much better than before. I was a little scared at first, but Dr. Patel is awesome, and I realized that there was nothing to be afraid of! Child

My child’s vision therapy experience has been very good. Dr. Patel and her staff are very friendly, and took great care and interest in my child’s individual needs. My daughter had a lazy eye and we sometimes saw her left eye move outward. With vision therapy exercises, her eye coordination improved and we no longer see her eye turning. Thank you Dr. Patel. Parent

Thank you for all you did for me. Also, you made my vision really good and helped me focus more with reading. Child

My family and I would like to thank you and your staff for helping our daughter with the therapy. She has come a long way from where she was. I would encourage you to keep up the good work. She doesn’t confuse words or sidetrack. She stays focused. The writing is getting better than ever. Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts. Parent

My vision therapy experience was good because my eyes are better and work better than they used to. Thanks for helping me get normal. Child

Dr. Patel and her staff have been very helpful., a very pleasant experience. Thank you for helping my daughter see better. Parent

When I first came, my vision was very bad, and I would see some words double. But over these past weeks in Vision Therapy, my vision has changed a lot, and it improved my grades in school because now I can read books easier. These past weeks have been so much fun. Thank you for helping me! Child

My daughter made incredible progress here and thoroughly enjoyed the process. Dr. Patel and her staff are genuinely kind and patient, and my daughter responded (and didn’t want to graduate because she enjoyed her therapy so much!). I had never heard of “Vision Therapy” until our optometrist referred her to Dr. Patel for double vision. But, during her first visit, it became clear to me why she needed it. Dr. Patel communicates very well and demonstrated both the problem and the strategy for resolving it. I recommend Dr. Patel and Beyond 20/20 to all who have a need for vision therapy. It’s been great! Parent

The Vision Therapy classes were fun because the eye games were fun and sometimes challenging. And I like challenging myself because it helps me learn, or in this case, it helps me learn how to not make things double. Thank you for helping me with my vision. Child

Our child’s goals were to stop having headaches, blurry vision, and a wandering eye. She’s achieved all of her goals and was happy to have accomplished them with your help. Thank you very much for providing a challenging and fun Vision Therapy environment, and for encouraging our daughter to do her best. Parent

When my eye wasn’t really well, the doctor helped me get better. She gave me homework; I did it 5 days a week. Even though I was doing bad in class, I still tried because I wanted to get my eye better. She is a great doctor. As time passed, she made me what I am today. Child

My son had some eye stress and headache issues at the age of 6. On a routine eye test for eyeglasses, his prescription changed. Then Dr. Patel found abnormal vision during testing. She immediately suggested Vision Therapy so that my son would have good vision without strain and headaches. After treatment, we found a lot of improvement in my son’s eye issue. I really thank Dr. Patel for her great service. Parent

My Vision Therapy experience was well worth since my vision has greatly improved. Child

My son's experience was very positive. Before Beyond 20/20, he could not concentrate on reading or read very long. Now he can focus and does not get headaches while reading. Dr. Patel and Kim were very professional and courteous. My son enjoyed coming to eye therapy and so did I. Thank you for all your help and patience. Parent

Dear Dr. Patel. I had so much fun! My eyes are much better. I'm so happy I didn't get glasses. I love the trampoline. My homework on the first day was hard. Now it is so easy. Today was a lot of fun! I am so happy. I will miss you a lot. Child

Dr. Patel was the only ray of hope in this dark world. She came as an angel, who give vision to my kids’ world. Without vision, just cannot think for my 8 and 10 year old kids. Dr. Patel trained kids toward better vision and also love for reading. Now my girl found new love for reading which was bad for her. Thank you Dr. Patel and also the helpful staff. Parent

I've always needed glasses, but suddenly I noticed my vision worsening. A visit with my regular eye doctor showed it wasn’t merely correctable with glasses- my eyes were turning out frequently, causing burry vision. I became self-conscious and noticed it more and more, and disliked having conversations with new people. During Vision Therapy, I saw improvement slowly but realized one day that I didn’t feel as hesitant to speak with new people nor was I as self-conscious about my eye turn. Now I rarely notice it and am very thankful to Dr. Patel and Kimberly for all their help! Patient

Thank you for all your help! It was a great experience and I'm so glad my eyes are better now. I am glad you listened to me when I told you the problem I was having with my eyes. I can’t wait to read so much more now. Again, thank you for everything. Child

Thank you so much for helping my daughter with her vision. We have seen such improvement with her schoolwork and overall self-esteem. Before coming to Vision Therapy, my daughter would always complain about limited time to read clearly and to be able to focus on her schoolwork. As of today, she has followed all of your homework and sessions. Thank you again for your help and I will be recommending you to my friends and family. Parent

Dear Dr. Patel, Thank you for all your work with me. My eyes got better. Child

Dear Dr. Patel, Thank you so much…. We cannot express how much is has helped him in school. He does not complain about any headaches or that he cannot see the board. Your sessions always kept him motivated and interested. Thanks once again. Parent

When I first came to therapy I did not know I was struggling with reading and writing, and that I could do better. During the progression of vision therapy I realized that I could understand material better than before. I also realized that my grades were getting exceedingly better. Finally, after I completed therapy my grades were better. Vision therapy was the best thing that happened in a long time. Child

Our son was in 4th grade when we noticed he was struggling with reading and writing in school. He always had good visual acuity. It never dawned on us that he might have a visual perceptual deficit affecting his desire to read and ability to comprehend the material. A coworker recommended taking him for visual testing. It was now 5th grade and our son did not want to read or write school assignments, and he became increasingly frustrated. Dr. Patel evaluated our son and found he had convergence excess of his eyes and some visual perception issues causing his eyes to fatigue quickly and him not seeing the words correctly to comprehend what he was reading. After vision therapy our son is a different kid. He is happy and succeeding in school. He no longer feels that sense of frustration when given reading or writing assignments, and his grades have never been better. Our son continues to do his vision exercises on his own as he realizes how much better he feels when completing them and how much happier he is to read.  Parent

Dear Dr. Patel, Thank you for helping my eyes. I remember, when I first came here, I saw double everything. Thanks to you I don't anymore. I also remember that I could not see clearly. You have changed that. Thank you so much for helping me. Now I can see clearly and not blurry. Child

Thank you Dr. Patel for helping both my boys. Vision therapy has helped improve their reading and they both no longer need to wear eyeglasses. Parent